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Sauda is rich in nature, culture and adventure and has a variety of attractions.


National Tourist Road Ryfylke

The road starts at Oanes and follows Rv 13 through Ryfylke and further up Rv 520 through Sauda and over to Røldal. Sauda has two marked attractions of interest: Svandalsfossen and Zinc Mines in Almannajuvet.
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Åbøbyen and the Industrial Workers Museum

Åbøbyen is a residential area with approx. 120 houses built by the Canadian company Electric Furnace Company, Limited. The company required a license to build housing for workers, and people who would later be among the nation’s most prominent architects were assigned to the case (eg Gustav Helland of Stavanger, Ole Landmark and Torgeir Alvsaker from Bergen).
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Other Attractions

In nostalgic Sauda, one can almost re-live the past century. Jonegarden (Jone farm) at Hustveit has been in the same family since the 1600s and Ola Fagerheim’s woodwork shows us the life in a small western village around 1900. The nature makes ideal for one to experience the waterfall, steep hills and landscape.
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