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Åbøbyen is a residential area with approx. 120 houses built by the Canadian company Electric Furnace Products Company, Limited. The company required a license to build housing for workers, and people who would later be among the nation’s most prominent architects were assigned to the case (eg Gustav Helland of Stavanger, Ole Landmark and Torgeir Alvsaker from Bergen).

The buildings in Åbøbyen was raised over a period of 60 years, the first in 1916.

The area is characterized by residential structure with class distinction. Multi-family houses were built first, and closest to the factory. Farthest from the factory, and the smoke is detached houses for the higher officials. For foremen and lower functionaries there were built houses suitable for two families.
The first houses in Åbøbyen had at first no electricity or running water, but it was not long before this was arranged. Each apartment had bathroom and water closet, which was unprecedented in working homes.

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